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The Ranger 75mm

The Ranger 75mm

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Some say The Ranger wasn’t born, but rather stole his way into existence under the nose of the gods.

  • 75mm scale
  • 78mm actual size
  • Concept Art: Tatiana Vetrovna
  • Sculpted By: Daniel Fernandez Truchaud & Victor Aguilar del Bosque
  • Casted By: CMA Creative Solutions
  • 11 pieces
  • Miniature comes unassembled and unpainted
  • Ships from the US
  • CAUTION: Ages 15 and up. Not suitable for children who still put small objects in their mouth. Contains small parts.

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Paul Anderson
Enchanting Wood Elves: A Miniature Adventure Review

Miniac's Wood Elves miniatures captivate with their ease of assembly and captivating details. Crafting these mystical beings was a breeze, thanks to Miniac's thoughtful design. Scott and Amber's exceptional customer service elevated my experience, ensuring seamless support from start to finish.

As I prepare to paint, I'm filled with excitement and gratitude for the guidance received. Miniac has not only provided quality miniatures but also a memorable journey. I eagerly anticipate future endeavors with them, budget permitting. Thank you, Scott and Amber, for your enchanting service.