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The Duchess

The Duchess

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She feasts on your lower class while rapidly climbing your political ladder. She cares for no other's well being other than her own. Her beauty is only matched by her ancient evil.

  • 75mm scale
  • 82mm actual size
  • Concept Art: Tatiana Vetrovna
  • Sculpted By: Ali Jalali
  • Casted By: CMA Creative Solutions
  • 10 pieces
  • Miniature comes unassembled and unpainted
  • Ships from the US
  • CAUTION: Ages 15 and up. Not suitable for children who still put small objects in their mouth. Contains small parts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
David Hood
Beautiful cast

Been a big fan of this channel. Bought this mini over the holiday. My cast was perfect and the sculpt is great. Looking forward to get some paint on this. Immensely happy.

Charles Ware
Broken sword but great cast

Looks beautiful except my sword came broken off the guard.

Leif Winstead
The best mini fig I have bought so far.

First off, I've only been painting for little over a year. I got into the hobby because of dnd and as a result, I've been painting some pretty terrible figures. You make do, but you start to appreciate nice minis when you can find them. Moving from nolzurs to heroforge was enlightening. Then gw models became a standard to judge most other models by.
This lady though...holy shiznits is it awesome. Just looking at the body and face, you can tell that this was made to be painted. All the details are open and accessible. There are so many places to practice different materials and techniques.
Scott, you did an awesome job and I can't wait to paint this as well as I can. I hope you continue to make and design minis in a similar process. You are an awesome resource for aspiring mini painters and I intend to keep supporting you when I can because of that.

Hagen M
Absolutely Stellar

One of the highest quality miniatures I've ever laid hands on. Pieces came in good shape and dry-fits well - there was very little flash or mould lining that I needed to remove and it was all seated in sensible places. I wasn't originally going to purchase the class to go with it but I'm definitely going to now so I can give this lady the attention she deserves.

I only had one issue - the rapier was bent slightly, but that's to be expected with miniature packaging without sprues. A little dip in some hot water and now it's straight as an arrow.

Kieran Brady
Duchess broken crossguard

Scott Part of the crossguard on the sword was broken missing when i got my figure is there anyway to get a replacement part as overall the model is great in detail and i'm looking forward to have a crack at painting her

Hey Kieran, I'll send you an email about getting you a new one.