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Masterclass: How to Paint The Witch

Masterclass: How to Paint The Witch

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The model does not come with the course. It is $15 off when purchased with the miniature.

Paint The Witch in 75mm scale along with Benjamin Kantor, winner of Golden Demon, best in show at Crystal Brush, and more. This video series is 37 lessons long with is a mixture of videos and helpful resources designed to be an end to end educational product that will equip you to paint The Witch exactly like the boxart. 

"The way he tackles miniature painting is unlike any other painter I've encountered. Everything he does is informed and it's helpful for a painter like me who always wants reasoning for every decision. Despite that, he still allows himself artistic license to create beautiful pieces. Benjamin cared deeply about the contents of this course and creating a top education experience for people and it was truly a joy to work with him on this project." 

- Scott (Miniac) Walter


Who is this Course For?

This course is for experienced painters who are looking to go to the next level. Benjamin deep dives into the physics of the light and science of color leaving behind most of the traditional knowledge you might come to expect. Do the terms angle of incidence, terminator shadow, and penumbra mean anything to you? Time to pick up Benjamin's course to learn! 


Are there free lessons to see before I purchase?

Yes, there are! You can find them on the course webpage.


Is there a required tools and materials list for this course?

The required paint list is one of the free lessons in the course. As far as tools go, Benjamin uses 4 brushes: a large, small, and a damaged large and small brush for the dirtier tasks. 


Does it include airbrushing?

No. Benjamin paints the entire miniature with the brush. 


How long is the entire course?

6h 16m 42s. All of the painting plays back at 150-200% speed.

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Customer Reviews

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Hands down best OSL tutorial for painters who want to know what their doing

Ben's Witch class is hands down the best lighting and OSL tutorial I've seen. And I've seen all of them. No fluff. No gimmicks. Very objective "Hey this is how stuff works. This is how you paint it."

YouTube videos and recipes always oversimplify and never explain how light or values work. You're locked into that recipe and it's incredibly difficult to modify or improve upon them without that foundational knowledge. This series doesn't make that mistake.

It kicks off with fantastic and surprisingly short lessons on how to light a scene with great examples before applying that information to the witch. Then it jumps right into painting light and values onto the model in a series of direct and easy to follow steps. This isn't a color-by-numbers tutorial. Ben is teaching you how to paint light and shadow on the model, giving you the knowledge and tools to do it yourself, and letting you look over his shoulder while he demonstrates every step of the process.

If you want to learn how to paint OSL on a model, any model, get this class.