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Masterclass: How to Paint The Warrior

Masterclass: How to Paint The Warrior

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The model does not come with the course. It is $15 off when purchased with the miniature.

Paint The Warrior, a 75mm display miniature, along with minipainting extraordinaire, Ninjon! Learn how he tackles subjects like unique skin tones, non metallic metal, and more. This course is 59 lessons long and is entirely video.

Who is this Course For?

This course is for intermediate painters who are looking to go to the next level. Ninjon has a great brand of humorous education that is able to explain complex topics in simple terms for those who don't want, or don't care to be drowned with a bunch of minutiae. 

I've watched Ninjon's YouTube videos. Is there any value in me purchasing this course? 

YouTube videos are optimized for engagement and entertainment so they rarely show the full painting process whereas this course is designed for learning. You see all the steps required to paint the whole model, even the most insignificant of details so you get the full picture. 

Are there free lessons to see before I purchase?

Yes, there are! You can find them on the course webpage.

Is there a required tools and materials list for this course?

The required paint list is one of the free lessons in the course. As far as tools go, Jon uses a sable hair brush, and an airbrush.

Does it include airbrushing?

Yes. Jon uses the airbrush to smooth over roughly applied layering. 

How long is the entire course?

3h 42m 29s. All of the painting plays back at 150-200% speed.

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Incorrect link

Hey, didn't find how to notify you about it elsewhere, so post it here.
The link to a free lesson is incorrect - should be warrior instead of witch