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Masterclass: How to Paint The Ranger

Masterclass: How to Paint The Ranger

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The model does not come with the course. It is $15 off when purchased with the miniature.

Paint The Ranger in 75mm scale along with Miniac! This course is 102 lessons long with is a mixture of videos and helpful resources designed to be an end to end educational product that will equip you to paint The Ranger exactly like the boxart. 

Who is this Course For?

This course is for intermediate painters who are looking to go to the next level. Miniac equips painters with the tools and knowledge to develop unique schemes on their own models and has always believed in the philosophy of teaching a person to fish instead of simply giving them the fish. In this course you will learn about color theory, how to place highlights and shadows on a number of materials in various lighting situations, Caucasian skin tones, non-metallic metal, leather, fabric, and so much more. 

I've watched Miniac's YouTube videos. Is there any value in me purchasing this course? 

Scott has made over 250 videos over the span of 7 years, streamed countless hours to twitch, and produced over 100 podcast episodes. The odds that you have seen all that content and retained all the knowledge is low, but what if you have? This course contains mostly new knowledge on color schemes and how to think about them in a different way. It's organized with all the information it's intended target needs to succeed front to back. There's no hunting; it's all laid out and in a very intentional order for maximum education. Furthermore, YouTube videos are optimized for engagement and entertainment so they rarely show the full painting process, whereas this course is designed for learning. You see all the steps required to paint the whole model, even the most insignificant of details. 

I've purchased The Duchess course. Is there any value in me purchasing this course from the same presenter? 

The script for The Duchess' course is 11k words long spread out over 78 lessons. The script for The Ranger's course is 25k words spread out over 102 lessons, so there's more content to chew through. Furthermore, it's an entirely different model that explores new topics like a more natural skin tone vs a vampire one, NMM vs TMM, and more. 

Are there free lessons to see before I purchase?

Yes, there are! You can find them on the course webpage.

Is there a required tools and materials list for this course?

The required paint list is one of the free lessons in the course. As far as tools go, Scott uses 2 brushes the entire time. A size 2 sable hair brush for the lion's share of work, and a smaller one for eyes. 

Does it include airbrushing?

No. Scott paints the entire miniature with the brush. 

How long is the entire course?

4h 43m 23s. All of the painting plays back at 150-300% speed.

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Ranger masterclass

I would describe myself as a hardcore board gamer that took up painting a few years ago and was inspired by amazing art that people would post for the games I played, especially Awaken Realms miniatures. Been watching Miniac for a few years. I’ve gone through about 40% of the course and it’s very apparent how much I can get from this course. I’m starting to leave behind the days of base coat, wash and drybrush and move into layering with shadow, mid tone, and highlight. What I really needed was to watch someone do that on a model so I could see the process. Even better would be to follow the process by painting the same model as the instructor, and that’s exactly what this course gives me. There is a lot of information in the course and it will give me things to think about for years to come. I since I am a board gamer and not used to building my own models, I would have appreciated a section on building the model, but it is not included in the course (I watched an old miniac video though and it got me there. It was educational to use milliput the first time…thank you Scott for the idea of putting water in the middle of milliput! It will be the go to method for filling in gaps from now on. Worked so well!). You will find a mix of old, but relevant YouTube content and a lot of new footage. The model itself is really good and made from different material that is easier to manipulate than board game models and showing me a world beyond with different materials. A+ so far!