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Masterclass: How to Paint The Duchess

Masterclass: How to Paint The Duchess

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The model does not come with the course. It is $15 off when purchased with the miniature.

Paint The Duchess, a 75mm display miniature, along with Scott. This video series is 77 lessons long, which is a mixture of videos (67 videos), image resources, checklists, and quizzes designed to be an end to end educational product that will equip you to paint The Duchess how I paint it in the boxart.

You don't actually need to purchase The Duchess to get value out of this course. If you're not interested in the miniature, but interested in improving your skills from beginner to intermediate/advanced, this product is designed for you! This digital course does NOT come with the miniature. It is just the digital course.

Who is this Course For?

This course is for beginners with a solid foundation of the basics which I define as knowing how to apply a smooth, even coat of paint, and the dilution required to do that. Being familiar with layering, and edge highlighting will also help you, as those techniques are not described. Every other technique (wet blending, glazing, feathering, zenithal highlighting, etc.) is described in detail and demonstrated on the model constantly. 

Are there free lessons to see before I purchase?

Yes, there are two free lessons. "Realizing the Volumes of the Face" and also "Analyzing Real Life Materials". You can find them all on the course page.


Is there a required tools and materials list for this course?

In this course I use 2 brushes, a synthetic and a natural hair bristle brush. The synthetic is for heavy application of paint, and the natural hair is for more precise work. I use a wet palette, but you can use a hard if you prefer. Finally, I use a mixture of Citadel, Scale75, and Jo Sonja paints but they can be replaced by other ranges with similar properties. Use what is comfortable to you. For assembly, you need cleaning tools (clippers, files, sand paper, etc.) and super glue.

Does it include airbrushing?

I show 2 ways of priming the model with an aerosol can, and with an airbrush. Beyond that, only brushes are used for the actual painting. 

How long is the entire course?

4hr 38m 56s. All of the painting plays back at 150-200% speed. 

How long will a beginner take to work through it all? 

It took me about 30hrs to paint the figure, so I'd expect a beginner to take 50hrs to learn all the concepts and tackle the whole model. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good Tutorial

Very helpful when paint the model. Thank you.

Sorry not worth it

Honestly just look up some colour schemes you want on youtube because this is just a walk through.

Thank you for your review! I'm sorry felt the course didn't provide value equal to its cost. How could I have better met your expectations? What additional content would you like to see to make it feel like more than a walk-through?

More of a walk-though than a course

More of a walk-though of how the model is painted.

Thank you for your review! How could I have better met your expectations? What additional content would you like to see to make it feel like more than a walk-through?