If you've intentionally come to this web page, you're a saint. Thank you for your interest in supporting me in my YouTube endeavors. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it so just imagine that I'm giving you a big bear hug in real life. OK, now down to business. There are two categories for how you can support the YouTube channel, free ways and not free ways. We'll start with the free ways, not to be confused with literal roads. 

Free Ways To Support Miniac

  • The first way in which you can support my channel is with sharing, liking, watching my content, subscribing to my channel, etc. Generally speaking, interacting with my YouTube channel in a positive way on the platform is a good thing and shows YouTube that my channel is worth advertising to other potential viewers on the platform that may like my content.
  • You can watch my YouTube videos without an ad blocker. I monetize all my YouTube videos with ads, and watching them earns me a small amount from google each month. Some ad blocking software allows you to white list YouTube channels so you can support the creators you like without watching ads on the entire platform. Here's an article that will walk you through that process if you're interested.
  • You can use my generic amazon associate link when you're buying hobby/random stuff on amazon that you already need. The way it works is you click on my associate link and then add things to your cart and check out. If you're the kind of person that likes to slowly add things to their cart over time and then buy them all at once to combine shipping, you can do that and then click on my affiliate link right at the end and check out with your cart. Strangely, both ways work! Here are my affiliate links for various countries: United StatesUnited KingdomCanadaAustraliaFranceGermanySpainItaly. You can also do the same with Jackson Arts if you happen to purchase art supplies there frequently. A simple way to remember doing this is by bookmarking the link on your preferred web browser.


Not Free Ways to Support Miniac

  • Patreon is the best way to support me as a content creator. If you're not familiar with patreon, it's a subscription model of support where in exchange for a monthly fee of your choice, you get rewards from me! The $2 reward gets you access to a weekly behind the scenes post where you get the first looks into what I’m doing every week related to the channel. You also get access to my discord community which is full of wickedly talented miniature painters who share their wisdom on a daily basis. You also get to participate in a point driven painting challenge where you earn points based on what you paint. There are quarterly challenges, and other fun ways to earn points and at the end of year, points become raffle tickets to win fun stuff! At higher tiers you get access to my videos 1 week before everyone else, meaning if you become a patron now, you can see a whole ‘nother miniac video, and you also get the opportunity to win miniatures painted by me.
  • I sell merchandise, models, digital courses, and likely more on this webstore you're on now! Buying these things support the channel monetarily but also shows other people that you like the channel. You can find some by clicking here.
  • Finally, you can buy products that I recommend with my affiliate links. Often times I’ll recommend products like brushes and I’ll link them in the description. Buying the brushes using those affiliate links earns me a commission. At the time of recording this video, most of the links are from amazon, but I’ve also setup an affiliate account with jackson arts as well.

That's all for now. Thank you for supporting me, again. You're awesome.

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