Quarterly Challenge

It's time for a new CH-CH-CH-CHALLENGE! Some time ago I painted an identical miniature 3 times in a row with different time limits. I painted a 10 minute, 1hr, and 10hr trial. I felt like I learned a lot about what was important to paint in those time frames and it showed me that a lot can get done in a very short amount of time. Now, I want you to give it a try!

I want you to paint the same identical model three times in a row at 10m, 1hr, and 10hr time trials. I would suggest painting the 10hr trial first, then the 1hr, then the 10m. This order makes sense because you learn a lot about the model in 10hrs and are able to apply that knowledge to future, faster trials. 

I would really like you to paint three separate and identical models. Not models from the same box with different poses, weapon options, and heads. This allows all the knowledge in each trial to applied to future attempts 1:1. Secondly, I'd like you to paint 3 models so you can compare them all side by side in real life when you're all done. It'll help you decide what is worth it for you when it comes to saving time during painting depending on what you're doing. 

Where do you find identical models? A Song of Ice and Fire has identical models in their unit boxes, board games often come with identical models, Reaper Minis, Darksword, Redbox, Hasselfree, etc. all have very low prices which makes buy 3 models not a massive expense. You could also 3D print the same model 3 times if you have access to those tools. If you have other ideas, let me know and I'll put them in this post!

I never want affordability to be something that stops you from participating. If you can't afford to buy 3 identical models (which I really want you to try and do), you can paint 1 model, take a picture, strip it, paint it again, take a picture, etc. I think there's a lot of value in having 3 physical models to look at after the fact, so this option is for people who absolutely need it to participate. 

When does it need to be finished by?

September 30th


Can I use models already painted?

No, these models need to new in box. If you plan to repaint the parts you're using, that's fine too.


What scale can we choose?

I want you to paint 32mm tall (or something near that) models specifically. What I mean by this is, is the model should literally measure somewhere near 32mm. For instance, a 32mm scale tank would be too large for this. 


Do I have to paint all the models in a similar style between each trial?

No, paint them however you see fit for the specific time trial. If you want to use contrast paint for the 10 minute version, and something more elaborate for the 10hr, do so. I'd ask that the color scheme remains the same so you can have a comparison that illustrates how technique impacts time spent, but also the result independent of your color scheme. 


Can I use an airbrush?

You can use whatever tools you see fit. 


Does assembly count towards, my time? Priming? 

The only thing that counts toward your time is painting. Not assembly, not priming, not waiting for an oil wash to dry; just painting. I will say that it can get a little tricky to splice up the 10 minute trial because it is such a short amount of time, so maybe pick techniques or the order of techniques to allow for certain elements to be drying while you're painting other parts.

For the bonus, I want you to do the same trial but with a bust (1:10 or 1:12) or a 75mm (or larger) model. This is obviously more expensive, but also more challenging, hence it being the challenge!

If you need a refresher, here is the point system: http://bit.ly/miniac-point-system