Quarterly Challenge

It's time for a new chiggity challenge! This time, we're going to try something pretty different!
Instead of having one big challenge with a bonus, we're going to have a bunch of small ones to celebrate the end of the year! Can you manage to finish them all? Yes, there aren't actually twelve challenges. That's my fault because I was slow to post this. Sorry!
Here's what the schedule looks like:
1 17-oct. 23-oct. Heavy Metal Paint one model with TMM. We want to see painted-on shadows and highlights, don't just rely on washes. Here's a video you can use as inspiration. 3
2 24-oct. 30-oct. Let the Blood Flow Paint one model in gory fashion. Leverage the sculpt or add to it with conversions, we just want to see blood and guts. Here's an example but feel free to go crazier! 3
3 31-oct. 6-nov. Embrace the Darkness Paint one model in a dark environment; be it under a moonlight or clutching a lantern, show us you can sell a dark environment. Great example from David Powell. 3
4 7-nov. 13-nov. Elven Haven Create a peaceful nature 32mm+ base. Show us what you think a chill Elf hangout spot looks like (or another race/creature). Here's a video you can use as inspiration. 3
5 14-nov. 20-nov. Drowned Gods Paint one model with a cold and aquatic color scheme. We want to see dark blues and greens, slick blacks, and rosy cheeks. Here's an example from Alfonso Giraldes. 3
6 21-nov. 27-nov. HOT. PINK. Paint one model with hot pink as an accent/main color. I don't think this needs any further explanation. Do you need an example? 3
7 28-nov. 4-Dec Short Shorts Paint one model that is showing off a lot of skin. Show us your barbarians and your pinups. Here's a video you can use as inspiration. 3
8 5-Dec 11-Dec Brutal Base Create a 32mm+ base that has seen violence and destruction. We want to see ruined cities, rivers of blood, burned-down villages. Rivers of blood, anyone? 3
9 12-Dec 18-Dec Crispy Cream Paint one model with a really smooth blend. Focus your effort on large area like a cape, a banner, and show us your creamiest work. Here's how I blend! It's annoying AF! 3
10 19-Dec 25-Dec Face your fears Paint one model focusing on the face. We want to see painted eyes, lips, teeth, skin coloration, scars, you name it. Go nuts. Here's a video you can use as inspiration. 3
11 26-Dec 1-Jan Paint More Minis Congrats, you painted a few models. Now paint 10 more in a week, with no special requirements. I've never painted 10 models in my life so I have no example of this 😭 5
Can you complete all 11?!
When does it need to be finished by?
December 31st
Can I use models already painted?
No, these models need to be new in box or assembled and/or primed. If you plan to repaint the parts you're using, that's fine too.
What scale can we choose?
You can choose anything for any of the weeks. Go nuts! As long as it meets the simple criteria for the week, it should be OK. 
There is no bonus for this challenge. Instead, if you finish every single challenge, you get the bonus points for the quarter! If you need a refresher, here is the point system: http://bit.ly/miniac-point-system