Quarterly Challenge

It's time for a new CH-CH-CH-CHALLENGE! This one is an idea that I love suggested by our very own Mini_Wizard and GlitchyFinnigan. I like to scream a particular catch phrase at the end of my videos, you may or may not be familiar with it. It goes a lil' somethin' like PAINT MORE MINIS! This quarter we're going to embody that by FINISHING YOUR ARMIES!

 We all have armies lying around in various stages of completion and for a lot of us, a massive goal in our minipainting hobby is to have a fully painted army. I know for myself personally, it's been something I've been chasing forever. Let's get into the rules!


You can pick whatever game system you like so long as it's actually a large army war game - no skirmish games here, no no no! Here are some guide lines for how large your target army should be:

  • Warhammer 40,000: 2,000pts
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar: 2,000pts
  • Starwars Legion: 800pts
  • Joan of Arc: 2500pts
  • Spelldancer Mage Wars: 5000pts
  • CMON A Song of Ice and Fire: 40pts
  • Bolt Action: 1,000pts
  • Kings of War: 2000pts
  • Flames of War: 100pts

There are likely other game systems. I'm not looking to stop you from painting the game you want! If you don't see yours listed above, DM me what an average game is played at and I'll add it to the list.

You need to take a picture of your UNPAINTED army before painting it. This is to ensure that you're actually doing the challenge and not recycling an army you already painted for points. Preferably, it'd be 1 photo of your entire army. If not, submit ONE link to a photo album (flikr, imgur, etc.) of all the photos of your painted and unpainted units when you complete the challenge. This will make it much easier for our moderators to understand what's going on.

Large armies can be expensive, and I'm assuming many of you are already in some stage of completion with your army and would rather not buy extra plastic to supplement an army for the purposes of this challenge, so points will work a little differently this time around.

If you finish:

  • X in points, you get 40 points for the quarterly (2x bonus!)
  • Greater than X/2, but less than X, you get 20 points for the quarterly
  • Less than X/2, you get 10 points for the quarterly

"X" in this case is the target point total for your chosen army. For example, if you finish 1,500 points of a Warhammer 40,000 army, you'd get 20 points for the quarterly bonus. 

When does it need to be finished by?

June 30th

Can I use models already painted?

You are more than welcome to add onto an existing army. The new stuff you paint will go towards your "army". The old stuff does not count. If you have some stuff in the VERY early stages of painting (like 1 - 2 units with a basecoat or two) that's probably OK. If you're unsure, message the Thrall role on discord to ask for approval.

Does it need to be exactly 2000pts?

No, just near it. Ideally, it'd be a list you'd actually play with. Would you do battle in a 2000pt game with a 1900pt list? If you're looking to lose, maybe, but ideally you'd fill out your list to as close to 2,000pts as possible, so do that here!

How does submitting work exactly?

As you paint the army you'll submit it for normal points. When you've fully completed the army, you'll take a group photo and along with your unpainted mini photos, you'll submit the whole shebang in a photo album for the quarterly points.

Does it need to be a legal list?

Not necessarily, but I want you to paint a healthy mixture of normal troops, heroes/leaders, vehicles/monsters, etc. If you just painted a bunch of fancy characters, I don't think you'd capture the spirit of the challenge. If you're concerned, ping the Thrall role for help on discord.

For the bonus, I want you to create a sick army display board for your army. This is basically a larger diorama that you place your army on and show it off at conventions/carry it around from table to table. Here's an example of a super cool Tomb Kings one.

If you need a refresher, here is the point system: http://bit.ly/miniac-point-system