Quarterly Challenge

It's time for a new CH-CH-CH-CHALLENGE! I think it's really important to not get stuck in a creative process and to experience other people's challenges. It makes us better mini painters. With that in mind, it's time to....

There are SO many hobbies that are very similar to what is classically understood as mini painting in the miniature war gaming world. One such hobby is historical figure painters, or model kit painters. One thing both of those subsets have in common is historical accuracy. Let's get into the rules!

You can paint either a 54mm or 75mm figure, bust, or a model kit (read as: some type of vehicle, boat, aircraft, etc.) based on something that actually existed in the past. Do you have a cool picture of a tank from WW2? Find the model kit and replicate it 1:1. Have you been watching Horatio Hornblower a lot and are super into the British Royal Navy? Paint up an officer! Note, sometimes you will not find the exact model you need to replicate something. This means you will need to modify the kit with conversions! Try your best to replicate history as best as you can.

Here's a video of Plasmo recreating a historically accurate tank for inspiration. 

If you need help finding historical miniatures, check out a few of these sites:

When does it need to be finished by?

September 31st


Can I use models already painted?

No, these models need to new in box.


What about ancient history?

The only important thing you need to ask is "is there a reference somewhere that I can look at when making painting decisions". Painting Anubis can get a little tricky compared to painting a spartan soldier. One is more interpretive, the other has historical imagery that shows what they looked like. We're not looking for you to exercise your creativity. You have to pick a "ruleset", and live inside of it. 


What scale can we do for the model kits?

Model kit scales are a little trickier to establish because a 1/700 ship is significantly longer than a 1/35 tank. I'd like the model kit to be sufficiently large, which to me means 1/35, 1/48 or 1/72 for a tank/similar vehicle, and for boats you can likely use whatever you have. If you have any concerns about the size of your chosen model kit, ask the mods in discord for approval using the @Thrall role.


For the bonus, I want you to create a display plinth/diorama to go along with your miniature that matches a setting they would be in, historically. Returning to our British Royal Navy Officer, I'd want to see some ship floorboards, maybe a mast in the background, or the wheel of a ship, some railings, rope, etc. 

If you need a refresher, here is the point system: http://bit.ly/miniac-point-system