Quarterly Challenge

It's time for a new CH-CH-CH-CHALLENGE! One awesome part of the hobby that I am pretty bad at is kit bashing. I suppose that means I'll force you all to do it so I guess it's time to go on a....

Swapping a space marine's head is technically kit bashing. However, I was thinking something a little more complicated as this is the quarterly challenge after all. Let's get onto the rules!

No more than 50% of the final conversion can originate from any one kit. You could use the legs of a space marine and the torso and arms of genestealer. I'm not saying it'll look good (if someone does that they'll get bonus points), but that's what we're talking about here. Additionally, I'd like to see parts from 4 different kits. This can be something as small as a cool visor or the blade and guard of a sword. On top of that, I want to see at least one scratch build material that isn't from a kit at all. Materials that would qualify but are not limited to would be:

  1. Styrene
  2. Green Stuff/Brown Stuff/Milliput (any 2 part epoxy putty)
  3. Super Sculpy (or anything similar)
  4. Brass Tubes/Shim Stock
  5. 3D printed parts (that maybe you designed??)
  6. Balsa Wood

I'm looking for you to include these materials on the model, not on the base. Lastly, you need to paint the mini, of course! This is a mini painting discord afterall. Here's a video of myself kit bashing some vampires for inspiration. 

And another of me kit bashing a crazy wizard!

When does it need to be finished by?

December 31st


Can I use models already painted?

No, these models need to new in box. If you plan to repaint the parts you're using in the kit bash, that's fine too.


What scale can we choose?

Your conversion can be of any scale, genre, manufacturer, etc. Go crazy!


What do you mean by parts from 4 different kits?

I'm talking about using parts that come from 4 different boxes that you might buy online or at a store. This means you can use parts from 4 different space marine boxes, or 4 different units from entirely separate games. The choice is yours! I don't want to force you to make some strange conversion monster that you'll never use in an army.

For the bonus, I want you to scratch build half of the model. That means that half of the model is entirely made up of the materials I listed above (green stuff, brass, etc.). You can sculpt on top of another model as a form for guidance but I don't want to see any original part of the model that you are deciding to scratch build.

If you need a refresher, here is the point system: http://bit.ly/miniac-point-system