Quarterly Challenge

Paint a team quarterly challenge from 4/1 to 6/30
So you’re all jacked up on new releases, major tournaments, convention hype, and Mountain Dew. You think you’re gonna pick up a new game system? Maybe head down to your next local tournament and give it a shot? Well, listen here. Tabletop wargaming is for CLOSERS.

So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna paint some tabletop minis. We’re gonna paint all the tabletop minis.

For the second quarter of 2024, you’ve got to paint a complete playable team for your preferred game. How many models that is depends on the game but it has to be a rules-legal force. That means a kill team will count with a few models but a 40k army may need dozens. Don’t worry. It’ll even out when we get to points.

Submission requirements

  • First, submit individual models as normal submissions to account for different sizes of models. These submissions will receive the normal amount of points.
  • Then, submit all of the models for a team as a separate points submission flagged as the quarterly. This will receive additional quarterly points.
  • Quarterly points submission must be a complete rules-legal team.
    • This may be one squad for a skirmish game or multiple squads, vehicles, and characters for an army.
  • Submission must include the game, number of models, and force composition breakdown in the notes. It doesn’t need to be a detailed data sheet with equipment and points, a list of the units and total points is fine.
    • i.e. a battalion with one HQ, three troop squads, three troop transports at 1000 points
  • You may submit multiple entries for this quarterly challenge.


Quarterly points

  • One extra point per model

It may not sound like much but that’s a 50% points bonus for most 28 - 32mm war games.

    Normal points boost isn’t enough? There are two ways to get bonus points this quarter.

    Bonus points

    • 50% boost to quarterly bonus points, rounded up.
      • I.e. submit a 7-man kill team for 7 quarterly points and play a game for an additional 3.5 bonus points. Rounded up, that's 7 + 4 = 11 total points.

    Bonus requirements

    • Painting option - Include a thematic element that ties the entire force together.
      • This can’t be a simple color scheme or weathering. It must be something beyond tabletop-standard that elevates the unit.
      • Examples
        • The same type of OSL across all models
        • Scenic basing that suggests they’re all on the same battlefield
        • Blood, gore, extra bits of slain enemies that shows they’re fighting through the same enemy unit
    • Gaming option - Actually play a game with your painted models. 
      • That’s the point right? We’re actually supposed to play with our tiny toy soldiers.
      • Play an actual game with all of the rules, terrain, board setup necessary.
      • Setting up some models on a flat table, rolling some dice, and pushing models around doesn’t count.
      • Include a picture of your game in your submission.


      When does it need to be finished?

      June 30th


      Can I use models already painted?

      No, models for the quarterly must be new, assembled, or primed at the start of the challenge. If you plan to use a model that’s painted or partially painted, you must strip or prime over those areas and start fresh.


      You cannot use models painted before the quarterly as part of an army submission. Finishing an army doesn’t count. Painting an entire army does.


      What scale can we choose?

      You can choose any size and scale. Different games use different scales and model sizes.


      What if I paint a kill team but want to use it for an army submission later in the quarter?

      You can use any models painted in the quarter for an army submission, even if you already submitted them as a smaller force but the points only count once. In your submission form, do not include models that were already submitted in the model count and add a note stating which models were already submitted.


      What if I want to do a board game?

      Good idea. Lots of board games have miniatures now and at the end of the day the goal is to play with painted minis.


      Board game submission rules

      • Paint the models required to play the game, including any gray plastic unpainted components.
      • Typically this is the contents of the core box.
      • If the game has a solo ruleset, painting fewer models for single player mode is fine.
      • If the game has additional monsters, bad guys, etc that are randomly generated, you have to paint those too.
        • If it’s a silly amount of random bad guys, ping the mods in the quarterly channel. One option I like is to play a game and paint the monster mobs that I encounter during that game as my next painting project. This is acceptable to determine what to paint.


      What if I don’t have any friends and want to get the gaming bonus?

      Any tabletop wargame can be played single player, even without a single player ruleset. Set up two teams, walk around the table between turns, and play against yourself. Do your best on each side of the board. It can be a great way to test new units or try out new rules.

      • Only the team you’re submitting for quarterly points must be painted. The opposing team can be painted before the quarterly or gray plastic.


      I use Games Workshop models for my own homebrew tabletop RPG can I…


      If you need a refresher, here is the point system: http://bit.ly/miniac-point-system