Quarterly Challenge

It's time for a new CH-CH-CH-CHALLENGE! Our hobby is called miniature war gaming and as such, a lot of miniatures are sculpted to look as though they are in the midst of combat! Inspired (or anti-inspired?) by that idea, I present this quarter's challenge!

I want you to paint a display model that is non-violent. So much of life has nothing to do with fighting and combat, and while that creates for super cool imagery, it's important to remember that art has depicted humanity in all sorts of situations and minipainting is an art! So, let's flex our creative muscle a bit.

Firstly, I want this to be a display model. To me, that means a couple things:

  1. I want it to be on a display plinth. You can 3D print one, buy one, use a chunk of wood, make one out of PVC pipe from a home supply store, etc. A lot of items in life are cylindrical/rectangular and can be used for plinths so get creative!
  2. I want the base to be creatively linked to the character in some way. It doesn't need to be crazy, but I want to see something more than dirt and a couple of tufts. 
  3. Spend a longer amount of time painting the model. I want you to spend at least 20 hours painting this model.  

Secondly, I want the mini to be non-violent. I think many of us probably have hobbies outside of miniature painting that we're passionate about. Whether that's video games, carpentry, leather working, baseball, etc. there are likely miniatures depicting these activities. I know for me personally, it's always fun mashing together my interests like painting a bust of a chef (I like cooking). You don't have to pick a mini from another hobby of yours, that's simply an idea.

Honestly, this model even has a bit of a violence on it with his neck piece. I could've painted that to be less violent and I would've considered it suitable for this challenge. Having trouble thinking of models that are non-violent? Let's go over a couple of options. 

Roman Lappat shows us that creating a portrait of nature can be a great option. Alternatively, car model kits are a great idea too! 

Josua Lai always loves creating depictions of various animals, if you've got any furry children in your life you're passionate about. 

Roman Lappat hosted a competition to paint up this cute little astronaut that I took part in that was a lot of fun! Once upon a time, miniature painting used to feature a bit of comedy so maybe you could do something humorous?

What about a referee from Bloodbowl? A heart warming bust from Spira Mirabilis? A scifi doctor? Maybe a cute eskimo girl? A fair maiden? Edgar Allen Poe? Some simple villagers? Hopefully you can see that there are an incredible amount of non-violent subjects in the hobby world!

When does it need to be finished by?

June 30th


Can I use models already painted?

No, these models need to new in box. If you plan to repaint the parts you're using, that's fine too.


What scale can we choose?

Your display mini can be of any scale, genre, manufacturer, etc. Go crazy!


How do I determine if something is non-violent?

If your subject has any weapon let's consider it "violent". Also, if your subject is typically associated with violence (a soldier, for instance), let's consider it "violent". These subjects aren't inherently evil, but this challenge is about expanding our horizons, so let's try to do that! If you have any questions about whether or not your selection is violent or not, ask the mods.


What size can the base be?

Don't take the piss! Although I do have one piece of advice. Generally, people have a tendency to make their display bases very large. Consider making the base as small as it needs to be to fit all your ideas comfortably. Plan it out!


Where do I find non-violent minis?

If you're still struggling, check out my list of miniature manufacturers. There are lots of good options in here.


If I'm painting a bust, how do I tie it to the base?

You don't have to do that with a bust.


Can I convert a non-violent subject from a violent one?

Yes, but confirm it with the mods first.

For the bonus, I want you to scratch build 3 elements related to your character on the scene. They don't need to be super complicated. For instance, if you're painting a chef, make a link of sausages, a spatula, a ketchup bottle, salt & pepper shaker, etc. 

If you need a refresher, here is the point system: http://bit.ly/miniac-point-system